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Zangi is an award-winning gospel artist, performing artist, creative music workshop facilitator, a mentor, and a music producer, who is passionate about expressing his faith and heart through his music.


He is UK based but originally from Kenya and therefore describes his unique sound as Kenglish!​

Zangi started singing and performing from a young age entertaining family and friends and joining the Church worship team at twelve years old which he later went on to lead.


In 2001, Zangi formed a band with friends called B.U.G.G (Brothers Under God’s Grace) and together they recorded their first album, 'Purity is Power'. As a result, B.U.G.G would regularly perform in schools, churches, and outreach events, as well as, having television and radio air play throughout Kenya.


The group ended in 2010 which led Zangi to record his first single as a solo artist, 'Sitalia Tena'. The song had significant television airplay and received encouraging

feedback from people who identified with the message of the song — choosing joy through trials.

Alongside music, Zangi worked for Alpha as a worship leader, where he met his wife who was visiting Kenya with a youth group from London. They got married in

Nairobi in 2011 and came to live in the UK where Zangi continued with his songwriting and recording.


Zangi’s solo career has led to several awards, including ‘Male Artist of the Year’ from UKAA (UK Kenyan Achievers Awards) and ‘Praise and Worship’ from PRAISETEK. He went on to win the award for his ‘Contribution to the African Community in the Diaspora’ through BAOBAB and has received nominations for several different awards including AGMA (African Gospel Music Awards), BEFFTA AWARDS (Black entertainment Film Fashion Television and Arts) and MARANATHA music awards.


In 2016 'I Choose You' won ‘Song of the Year’ at the SAUTI awards in the USA. The following year 'Malo Malo' won ‘Collaboration of the Year’, which was the outcome of Zangi bringing together several Kenyan gospel artists from all over the UK, and in 2018 he won ‘Male Artist of the Year’.


He went onto release his first album which included the song ‘I know’, written in honour and memory of his brother who passed away in a tragic accident. Most recently Zangi has released his latest EP, 'Adoration'

Zangi is passionate about empowering and supporting other upcoming and established musicians and has written for several artists across Europe, Africa, and America. As a freelance music facilitator, Zangi has worked with several organisations, churches, charities, community choirs, rehabilitation centres including young people with disabilities, and older people with dementia. He has travelled to parts of Europe and Africa to work with young people to promote unity through music and the creative arts. His aim is to use music to build confidence, empower and inspire creativity.​


As well as his love for music, Zangi is passionate about people, and has had the privilege of working with young people at risk of exclusion, and the homeless.


​Zangi is a co-founder of The Root, a registered charity in the UK which aims to

empower people to bring about positive change in their local community.

"Zangi is passionate about Jesus.
Not ashamed to worship.
Totally sold out to Christ "

                                                             - Sauti Awards

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