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Alex Gichohi, also known as Zangi, is a gospel singer/songwriter, music producer, creative
music workshop facilitator and mentor. Zangi has the privilege of travelling and
facilitating music workshops in different parts of the UK, Europe and the USA. Zangi is part of
The Complete Freedom of Truth team, an international youth-led project run by Opera
Circus. He also works with Darren Abrahams of The Human Hive as a music facilitator.
As a freelance music facilitator, he has worked with a range of different organisations that
include educational settings, the voluntary and community sector, faith communities and
rehabilitation centres. Zangi has enjoyed working with a range of different people and
communities including young people with disabilities, older people with dementia, adults in
recovery from addiction and young people who have experienced trauma. His mentoring
role aims to empower and support both established and upcoming artists and musicians.

Zangi is the co-founder of The Root, a registered charity in the UK, which aims to empower
people to bring about positive change in their local community and works in Naivasha,

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